Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wandering idea

Wandering idea in a vegetative state

Brain remains

These are the brain remains of a mighty ocean
that existed in a previous geological era.
It was part of the right lobe

Egyptian staff

This staff was found in a empty sarcophagus in Giza, Egypt, along with a long inscription recently deciphered by Egyptologists and psychics.
It reads: "This staff used to belong to a royal maiden who refused to betroth her creepy cousin and eloped with a young woman from Canaan. They joined a motley crowd leaving Egypt, led by a man, who would become known as a legendary liberator of slaves.

However, just after a few miles in the desert, they realized women would remain slaves in the promised land. They turned back, sailed on the Mediterranean, settled in the island of Lesbos for a time, but wanderlust took them around the globe. Since then, lesbians are born in every human, animal. and vegetal tribe.