Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When the moon was young she used to smoke this pipe.

Monday, July 27, 2009



   This extraordinary finding proves that women evolved from fish.
It was found in a cellar, on May 5th 1908, by MS. Kurclick, 
from Anchorage, Alaska.          

Hemingway Tangle

Hemingway tangle found recently in Cuba

Outsider Artist

This piece, probably a self-portrait, was made by the first outsider artist there ever was, she was definitely outside art and history, and still is.

In spite of this, she acquired many disciples. Knowing that most people are biased against art, she would dress as a ghost and pound the windows of her neighbors while howling, “you must create”, and many did so. Some claim that her spirit never died and she still haunts normal citizens, now as a genuine ghost, and commands them to create art or else.

It is rumored that her name was Afuera Feral that she never made any money and lived in a hut in the forest.

100 Watts

100 watts shone bright all summer long on the porch. It was extremely seductive to moths, bugs of all kinds and insects of the night. Very many of them lost their lives in an attempt to embrace it, perhaps believing it was God, but it wasn’t its fault. 100 watts shone every time the switch was turned on, when not, perhaps it dreamed of being a lightning bug with a luminous stomach. The only time it failed to spark was ungraciously discarded.

However, its memories are preserved inside this porcelain vessel.