Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fredrick Church's Hat

 Fredrick Church, the most known and accomplished artist of the Hudson River School, spent many winters in Mexico. There, he would often have lunch at Taqueria Doña Lupe; he enjoyed greatly the tender pork tacos and the spicy guacamole. Last time he ate there, he forgot his hat behind; black clouds were covering the sun and he wanted to rush home before the storm.

Doña Lupe put the hat in a box, wrote on it “Señor Federico”, expecting his return anytime, but years went and she eventually forgot all about it. The taqueria and the adjoining house remained in the family for more than a century until a descendant of Doña Lupe needed to sell the property in order to immigrate to the US, and while emptying an old trunk, found the remains of the hat.